is the list of diningplaces in the Eindhoven area. Do you want something different, fast or cheap? There will always be something that will be of interest. We, the composers, are a couple of friends who regularly sojourn in another eating-place. Please bare in mind that this English version has just been started and currently being translated from the original Dutch version.
The name EsetTE is contrived by the inventive member and is short for (actually the Dutch equivalent of): Eating-places Steven, Egelmeers, Triepels in The Eindhoven area. Please contact us via in case of questions, tips, remarks, etc.
The restaurants are categorised by price per person for the complete meal (not counting the wine):

Index (alfabetic) - Dutch version

Index (alfabetic)

Note to the reader: an eetcafé is a kind of pub where one can eat. It is also a great way for the owners of these pubs to circumvent some Dutch food regulations. Therefore, most of those places are cheaper, less formal and often at the cost of some luxury. In fact those are our favourite hide outs.

Finally, our favourite search engine:

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